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Welcome to Grundgesetz!

Grundgesetz is a skeleton for generating accessible documentation pages built on top of Gatsby. It creates static pages from your Markdown documentation files, all prettily formatted with a easy-to-use layout.

Grundgesetz is initially built to solve internal issues in managing documentation for our products at, but at the same we also found out that it’s a good base for quickly deploying a documentation site online, so we put this up for everyone to use.

Default Grundgesetz homepage

What’s with the name?

It’s German for “constitution”. We had a thing for German codenames here at

Who’s using it?

Get Started

Getting started with Grundgesetz is as easy as 1-2-3! Follow the documentation, or select from the left drawer for a specific guide that you want to read.

Core Concepts

Just Your Docs

Grundgesetz is set up for you to get up and running straight away. We know that writing proper documentation often takes a long time, so we aim to create this tool to standardise your documentation format.

All your docs are written in the familiar Markdown format and go inside the /docs folder. You can customise the table of contents and the header menu through a JSON file. It will generate pages with path names based on the directory tree, but you can override it anytime by setting a permalink frontmatter.

Instantly Deployable

Since Grundgesetz is a static site generator, you can instantly deploy to any static web host.

Have an instance of Grundgesetz set up on GitHub? You can easily deploy it using the built-in deploy task. You can also set up a continuous deployment pipeline for hosting providers like Netlify or ZEIT Now.

Blazing Fast

Grundgesetz is built on top of Gatsby, a blazing-fast static site generator for React. Also, putting the words “blazing fast” into any project’s README seems to attract a lot of folks lately. So I put it in here. Sorry.

Want to learn more about Gatsby? Click here.